How is the Monthly Amount of Child Support Calculated?

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In California, in the absence of an agreement providing otherwise, child support is calculated by using a “guideline” formula, which takes into consideration the respective incomes of each parent, the percentage of time the child has with each parent, and various other factors that affect an individual’s income or taxes.  This formula is based on… Read more »

Resource for People Involved in Sonoma County Family Law Matters

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There are many different counseling and similar resources that can be very helpful for people involved in family law matters, whether in litigation, collaborative practice, or any other model.  Sometimes, people are court-ordered or agree to participate in certain kinds of counseling to assist in developing communication, parenting skills, or other issues that come up… Read more »

Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody

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Legal Custody Legal custody refers to the right and the responsibility to make decisions relating to the health, education, and welfare of a child.  A parent with legal custody can make decisions about issues such as the child’s schooling, religious upbringing and medical care. If parents have joint legal custody, they are obligated to confer… Read more »