Collaborative Family Law SebastopolAs specialists in collaborative family law in Sebastopol, we are ready to help your family through any issues and disputes that may be happening. Conner, Lawrence, Rodney, Olhiser & Barrett, LLP, is focused on all forms of family law and has the experience and client care you can trust. From divorce proceedings to collaborative estate planning, we use mediation to avoid the litigation and court process.

Court proceedings are often unpredictable and cost you additional time and money. Not to mention the stress, worry, and the waiting. With mediation, disputes are handled in private, with representation for both parties committed to settling the issues out of court. Our Sebastopol clients have entrusted us for years as collaborative family law attorneys. The mediation process is often more efficient for everyone involved, solving disputes and coming to agreements in a more comfortable, less stressful setting.

We handle a range of cases, including pre- and post- nuptial agreements, parenting plans, collaborative estate planning, and more. Our supportive team will be with you every step of the way, recognizing that family issues, dissolutions, or estate administration after a death are never easy things to deal with. Trust us to guide you and help you through the process with a kind and helping hand.

We’ve served the Sonoma County area since 1983, providing a high level of service with a friendly and supportive promise. Contact us today to learn more about how collaborative family law and mediation can help you Sebastopol family through a difficult legal time.