Estate Planning Dispute Resolution SebastopolWhen you’re tired of fighting, estate planning dispute resolution in Sebastopol is your answer. At Conner, Lawrence, Rodney, Olhiser & Barrett, LLP, we provide support through mediation instead of litigation. We aim to reduce the stress and time family law disputes can take. Why make difficult times even more challenging is you don’t have to! When we’re on your side, you can take a big sigh of relief.

Disputes over wills and trusts, whether being drawn up or executed, can put a strain on your family. By using mediation, you can avoid the hassle of a trial and focus on what’s important. With estate planning dispute resolution with our team in Sebastopol, you may find the process to be much easier and much smoother, with a focus on what’s best for you and your family. You’re planning for the distribution of your important possessions, whether monetary, property, or beloved treasures. By planning your estate now with legal help, you can avoid disputes and arguments later, in what will already be a difficult time for your family.

Conner, Lawrence, Rodney, Olhiser & Barrett, LLP, is focused on family law and using mediation as a way to support everyone involved. We’ve been helping Sebastopol with estate planning dispute resolution and other family issues for many years. With our experience, knowledge, and supportive approach, you’ll find planning for your family’s future a much easier venture than you may have thought! Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you settle any estate or trust disputes.