Our clients highly recommend us. Read why below:

Catherine Conner:

I never thought or imagined that divorce could hurt so much. I truly appreciate your constant perspective of collaboration and “doing right”. I see now how that approach let’s me feel good about myself and decisions and actions that I took, with your guidance – and now I sleep with a clear conscience. You helped me through many emotional roller coasters and helped me feel empowered and in some control during times when that seemed impossible.

Linda K.

I wish to personally thank Catherine Conner for all of her sincere kindness and attention.

I marvel at her ability to get through each day with the continual negative energy surrounding her clients. Catherine was a touch of sunshine during this dark time in my life.”

Barb S.

“The need for a Family Law attorney is usually accompanied by a host of associated intense anxieties. Retaining an “adequate” attorney will likely leave you frustrated, having spent more towards an acceptable outcome than if you had hired someone “outstanding” in their focused area of practice. Catherine Conner came highly recommended to me as a local attorney, well qualified to handle the complexities of my unusual case.

I could not be more satisfied with Catherine’s exceptional advice and service. Consistently her strategies and preparations proved to be well thought out and efficiently executed. Perhaps the most vivid examples of her excellent reputation were highlighted in the courtroom when my case and petitions received unusual levels of credibility, simply because she was my attorney. It became increasingly evident that her reputation for knowledge of the law, thoroughness, and fairness had preceded my case, and I thereby greatly benefited from it.

Exceptional legal representation is never inexpensive, rendering a firm’s efficiency in managing your case the single greatest cost-saving potential. I am still amazed at how quickly Catherine and her staff were able to process the required paperwork, and I remain confident I received great value for my expenditures.”

Douglas H.

Amy Rodney:

“I would highly recommend working with Amy Rodney to help you negotiate through your divorce process. Amy’s vision for the long game, patience, and equanimity helped to guide me through one of the most stressful periods of my life. She was always calm, always kind, and helped me to understand the process and prepare for it.”

Nancy W.


“After many years of marriage, I found myself navigating a painful divorce. Amy Rodney represented me throughout a lengthy and complex collaborative divorce. Amy is compassionate, kind and fair and kept our children’s well being as a constant guide post. She is also smart, tough and exceedingly well organized. Her knowledge of family law is excellent, and her recall of case details was impressive. I felt like I was very well represented and this took a significant layer of stress off of me. Thanks to Amy’s hard work and diligence, a fair settlement was reached and my ex-husband and I remain friends. For anyone who was a fly on the wall during our fairly contentious process, this is nothing short of a miracle, and its ongoing benefit to our children is immeasurable.

Katie M.

“I have been very impressed, not only by how extremely knowledgeable my attorney, Amy Rodney, is, but also by the kindness and compassion she has shown me during this very difficult time in my life. Furthermore, I am appreciative of her accessibility. She handled my case expeditiously to a fair conclusion. I highly recommend Amy.”

Andrea S., R.N.

“Making that initial phone call to a divorce attorney’s office was the most difficult thing I had ever done. By the time you finally make that call, you’ve been through a lot. I don’t know what I expected from that first call, but it wasn’t that I’d end my conversation with a warm feeling because the paralegal I spoke with really listened to me, gave my life validation, and assured me.

When I met Amy Rodney, who became my attorney, she had already reviewed the paralegal’s notes, was familiar with my situation, and we were ready to get down to business. I remember the feeling of relief I had when Amy looked at me and said, “Kim, I’m going to take care of you.” And, she has taken care of me in the kindest and most professional manner I could hope for. Throughout the process, I have been impressed with her knowledge of the law and her negotiating skills.

I highly recommend the law firm of Conner, Lawrence & Rodney LLP. ”

Kim A.

Kara Olhiser:

“Hi. My name is Stacy and I have been in the accounting field 15+ years. Kara represented me in a custody case that included relocation. She handled my case with confidence, intelligence, and compassion. She was always reassuring when I had concerns, which allowed me to respond with reason.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case and happy to say my son and I are thrilled in our new location. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Kara represent me again!”

Stacy P.

“As an individual, I have worked with the public regarding child support issues, custody, visitation, financial and emotional issues for more than twenty years. After consultations with a few reputable attorneys, I chose Kara Olhiser to represent me for a Marital Settlement Agreement. Kara is well versed with the law and is easy to communicate with. I felt an immediate rapport with Kara and am pleased with her efforts and attention to the matters at hand with my own personal case. I am confident that Kara will resolve all the legal issues in my case, while considering my financial circumstances. I highly recommend Kara for family law issues.”

Carol P

Susan Barrett:

“Someday when I write a ‘best seller’ about this madness, you will definitely be the heroine!”


“I wholeheartedly recommend Susan Barrett of the law firm Conner, Lawrence and Rodney, LLP for expert legal counsel and representation in any type of domestic issue. Susan was my attorney during my recent divorce. I feel confident that Susan got me the best possible settlement in what quickly became a contentious environment. She is an incredibly intelligent and experienced attorney with ‘spot-on’ effectiveness in getting the best settlement possible for her client. While she is very compassionate and understanding of the all emotional dynamics involved with the divorce process, she is also very resourceful and aggressive when dealing with the other side. Moreover, the Administrative and Support staff at Conner, Lawrence and Rodney, LLP were wonderful. …Very friendly, efficient and effective. If I have the misfortune of having to go through this process again, I will call Susan immediately.”

Jim T.

MaryClare Lawrence:

“As a single person going through a transition and needing to create a new estate plan, I found MaryClare Lawrence’s work to be invaluable. She guided me through a legal process that might otherwise have seemed complicated and overwhelming, with ease and humor. Because of her years of experience working with individuals and families, she was skilled at helping me think through future scenarios and constructing my wishes in such a way that all possible variables were covered. MaryClare often thought of things I couldn’t, and I especially appreciated how she wrote key parts of the documents to read with a combination of clarity and power, and also sensitivity and compassion. After working with MaryClare Lawrence, I experienced the peace of mind that comes from being well prepared for the future, and I would recommend her highly.”

Mary Beth

“We were bereft when our Mother passed away unexpectedly, soon after the death of our father. Our family was reeling. We were eight siblings (and numerous grandchildren) from all across the country, suddenly dealing with the loss of a beloved parent, funeral arrangements and the huge task of processing an estate and divvying up the personal items that we all grew up with.

MaryClare was a godsend. She understood our need to accomplish these tasks with efficiency and without harming the integrity of the family unit. Prior to her death, our mother had the foresight to select MaryClare as her personal attorney to create revocable trust. What a gift from our mother! By placing the majority of her assets inside the trust, she ensured that we did not have to endure probate. Before her death, we were amazed and delighted with the time MaryClare took to make sure that Mom understood the planning process and was comfortable with each decision. Mom would never have accomplished this without MaryClare’s thoughtful, skillful and kind guidance.

After Mom’s death, MaryClare helped us resolve the estate issues, and just as importantly, helped us to find the best ways to handle the emotional issues of dividing personal assets. As business owners, we appreciate her quick, efficient responses to questions and legal guidance. As family members, MaryClare’s advice has been our steadfast guidance through this emotional and difficult period of time. We highly recommend MaryClare for both her exceptional legal strength and her family counseling skills.

Suzanne and Barbara B.

MaryClare was an enormous help to me when it came time to plan my estate. Not only is she informed, clear, and professional, she is also warmhearted, which is helpful when signing documents dealing with life and death. Moreover, MaryClare addressed all of my concerns as a single parent. I have recommended MaryClare to others many times because I left her office feeling both secure and well attended to.

E. D.
Santa Rosa, California

We came to MaryClare Lawrence to revise our estate plan with special issues: my husband had just been diagnosed with brain cancer. The time pressure was enormous. She expertly took us through the process, made us feel as if we were her top priority, and moved us along thoroughly but efficiently, including the speedy adoption of an adult child. MaryClare’s real gifts came through when we disagreed. For that I will always be grateful, for she guided us to mutually acceptable, lasting solutions while maintaining complete respect for each of our opinions. After my husband’s death, MaryClare followed up all on the details and even offered me some practical wisdom for coping.

M. A.
Santa Rosa, California