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three-clocksDivorce is not usually a quick process.

The earliest date you can terminate your marital status (change from being a married person to being a single person) is six months and one day after the date the Summons is served.  However, there may be issues in your case that will take more time to resolve.  It may also be that you reach agreements on all issues prior to the end of the six-month period.  Resolution depends on many factors, including the amount of information to gather, the emotional state of the participants, and the complexity of the issues to resolve.  How quickly a case can be completed can also depend on the dispute resolution process the parties have chosen; for instance, a mediated case might resolve more quickly than a litigated case.

What can I do to speed up the divorce process?

Parties can take some steps that speed up the divorce process, including the following:

  1. Gather and provide your spouse with as much of the information and documents as necessary to enable both of you to understand the situation;
  2. Do not use the legal resolution process as a way to attack or get back at the other party;
  3. Speak clearly, and articulate what is important to you.  Be an advocate for yourself in a positive manner;
  4. Listen to what is important to your spouse.  In most cases, resolution is best achieved when each party understands the other’s needs and goals;
  5. If your emotions are making it difficult for you to work productively toward resolution, seek counseling with an appropriate professional; and
  6. Listen to the advice of your attorney and other experts.