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Positive family preparing lunch togetherIn our community, low-income people with health issues are constantly at high risk. The inability to afford adequate nutrition or healthcare is incredibly damaging, resulting in deteriorating health. The Ceres Community Project aims to specifically address this problem by providing organic, freshly-prepared meals to low-income individuals. Numerous studies show a link between healthy eating and improved health, and the project’s primary goal is in supporting those who most need it through meals, education, and community support.

This organization is four-fold in its approach to encouraging healthy and nutritious eating habits. The first is its treatment of food as medicine, providing free and home-delivered meals to people dealing with serious health conditions. This program both provides much-needed socialization for isolated individuals and encourages lifelong healthy eating habits that improve health.

Ceres Community Project Empowers Teens

Ceres also empowers teens, who volunteer for the organization and work the food production garden and three commercial kitchens in Marin and Sonoma Counties. All of the meals provided by the organization are cooked by these volunteers, who learn about healthy eating and creating change in their community while developing valuable work and leadership skills.

Yet another branch of Ceres outreach is in community education. They teach the importance of health-based eating and cooking with organic and local foods, providing a lasting base of knowledge that allows for real change to eating habits. Through classes, clinics, cookbooks, and catering, they are continually working to support and educate their community.

Lastly, Ceres participates in national replication efforts, helping other communities across the country develop their own similar programs. With free start-up kits, training sessions, and licensing for interested communities, they’ve helped towns in Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and elsewhere create their own programs.

We’ve selected this organization to highlight this month due to their amazing dedication to improving Sonoma and Marin County health and nutrition. If you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or learning more, please don’t hesitate to visit their website!