Parenting Plan Attorney SebastopolWhen you need a caring and experienced parenting plan attorney in Sebastopol, call on Connor, Lawrence & Rodney, LLP. Our focus on family law gives you an advantage when it’s time to protect your family. We strive to settle all family disputes through mediation, avoiding the court battles that can cause unnecessary stress on you and your children. Parenting plan issues – including child custody and visitation rights – require sensitivity and support. Our team is well-versed in all areas of family law and takes on your case with the helping hand you need to make it through.

Our approach to child custody mediation aims to avoid stressful litigation that can waste your time and money. With more peaceful representation and mediation, we can help you resolve issues more affordably and comfortably. A parenting plan attorney can assist you and your spouse or ex-spouse plan for your rights in any situation. Sebastopol families have trusted us since 1983 to help them through the legal battles they may be facing. Whether you’re planning for your future or taking care of the past, our attorneys will be there for you and your children every step of the way.

For more information on how a parenting plan attorney can help you Sebastopol family, contact us today or fill out the online form to request a consultation. Our family mediation can help add a bit of calm in a stormy situation! Stop worrying about your parental rights, custody arguments, or visitation plans. Let us manage the legal worries – you take care of your family.